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  • March 05, 2014 STRATEGY. Does Chile need Country Brand??
    I´ve been working and travelling around Chile for nearly a year now and after visiting some of the touristic areas and getting to know first hand business experiences, institutions and organizations I have seen the great touristic potential that this country offers. It has a diversity of ecosystems from the most arid desert of the […] [...]
  • February 28, 2014 TURISMO. 1. ¿Guerra de precios o sostenibilidad a largo plazo?
    Existen varias estrategias para conseguir diferenciarse de la competencia. La que suelen adoptar muchas organizaciones es utilizar el factor del precio. Algo muy fácil de aplicar y que suele conseguir resultados en el corto plazo pero debemos recordar que al reducir el margen también corremos el riesgo de bajar la calidad de nuestros servicios/productos para […] [...]

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  • It's a hotel which makes an effort to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones on the environment and local community, that is, attempts to be as sustainable as possible.
  • Moreover, it's a hotel that takes care of the customer and offers a quality service at a competitive price, because sustainability doesn't require to put confort aside.
  • On this web you will find detailed and reliable information on the performance of the hotels in this respect so you can evaluate them yourself.


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